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Andrew G. Iannacchione CEC, AAC spearheaded the culinary team that handled the Middle East Peace Conference in Shepherdstown, WV. in January of 2000. In complete charge of the Food & Beverage operations chef Andrew met with Ambassador French, Chief Protocol Officer of the White House, and her staff to discuss all of the food and beverage requirements of the conference. The challenge from Ambassador French was to create a blend of cross-cultural styles of cuisines that would bring both the Israeli and Syrian delegations to break bread at the same table for the first time in over forty years. By weeks end the challenge had been met on several occasions. President Clinton personally expressed his thanks for a job well done. Unfortunately the peace talks ended with no resolve as the headlines of the Los Angeles Times read, “GREAT MEALS


 Chef Andrew was inducted into the American Academy of Chefs, the honor society of the American chef, in 1997 along with such notable chefs as Paul Prudhomme and chef Henry Haller, former White House executive chef. Honored as chef of the year in 1995 by the Southern Allegheny Chefs Association chef Andrew owns and operates Hospitality Referrals/Consultants located in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Chef Andrew retired as the Consulting Corporate chef of US Foodservice-Western Pennsylvania Group in 2008. Formally the executive chef of the Bedford Springs Resort Hotel chef Andrew has been a very active member of the American Culinary Federation. He began his affiliation in 1973 as a member of the then Chefs and Cooks Association of Pittsburgh. He was a charter member of the Mason-Dixon Culinary Association where he served as the chapter’s vice-president for two years and was that chapter’s certification chairperson. In 1991 he became a member of the Southern Allegheny Chefs Association where he was the chapter president from 1994-2002. He earned his certification as an executive chef in 1986 with successful re-certifications in 1991, 1995, 2000 and 2006. He achieved a lifetime certification as an Executive Chef in 2008 upon his retirement. He was the founding father and coordinator of the Southern Allegheny Chefs Association chef apprenticeship program. He was a chef instructor at the Greater Altoona Career and Technology center, which co-sponsors the program. He is a board member at the schools Food Production and Management Occupational Advisory committee. Chef Andrew has been a guest instructor at Indiana University Academy of Culinary Arts and was the keynote speaker for the schools commencement ceremonies in 1992. He has been a member of the advisory council since 1993 and also serves on the Academy’s Culinary Arts Advisory committee for the Pennsylvania Tech Prep Consortium. Chef Andrew was a guest chef at Johnson and Wales University in Providence; R. I. where he conducted a lecture and hands on seminar entitled “Cross-Cultural Cuisines of the New Millennium.” He is an ACF approved accreditation team member and visits, evaluates and accredits college level culinary arts programs. In 1991 chef Andrew was chosen to participate in a bi-lateral ambassadorship delegation to the former Soviet Union. He met with government officials, chefs, hotel operators, culinary educators and caterers while traveling to the republics of Russia, Georgia and the Ukraine. He was inducted as an honorary member of the Moscow Culinary Association. Chef Andrew has had many appearances on television and has authored numerous articles for local and national publications. He is a featured Chef in the cookbook entitled American Harvest, which is authored and sponsored by the American Academy of Chefs. Chef Andy retired in 2008 because of end stage renal disease. His newest book, which is a unique autobiography/cookbook, will be available in the fall of 2014! It can be purchased on his web-sight www.chefandy.org!